Your dream floor crafted
through our heritage

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Scotts have been crafting custom wide plank floors for over thirty years. We create the finest custom floors and offer directly to architects, designers and discerning homeowners. The advantage for you is regardless of your design vision, we can design and manufacture your floor and tailor make it to your exact design specifications.

custom made flooring direct from the manufacturer

at Scott’s, we believe in offering both our professional and private customers access to buy high quality custom-made hardwood flooring directly from the maker.

100% all natural flooring solution for your family’s health & well-being

we glue our wood floor without formaldehyde and treat our boards with 100% Natural oils and waxes containing no solvents

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wide range of widths, grades + formats

we offer our customers an extensive range, of colours, widths, grades, dimensions + parquet designs so that they can create a floor which is unique to them.

Your dream floor – crafted through our heritage

Scott’s are a family-owned Irish company, with over 30 years’ experience in creating original flooring + interior elements. We are proud of our family name and value the reputation and company name associated with it. We seek to protect this reputation through consistent delivery of high quality products and 100% customer satisfaction.